Sunday, 26 August 2012

For the Love of Sandwiches

I take my lunch to work.  Yes, I am one of those people.  Pretty much everyday, without fail, I make, pack and take a lunch to work.  It isn't that I don't want to have fast food.  I am certainly not on a health kick.  And I certainly don't have a phobia of what could be in the hotdog.  I'm pretty sure I've eaten worse than that.  Going to restaurants (if I may use that word for fast food) really just presents me with too much choice.  I spend too much time wondering if I made the right choice, and thinking (usually while eating) that I made the wrong choice.

Some people like to bring in leftovers. I am not really into that.  That is where the sandwich comes in.  The sandwich is my go to lunch choice.  Sometimes I might bring in pizza, but that is the exception, not the rule. 

I take my sandwiches seriously, and put a lot of effort into their construction.  I'm talking about two different kinds of meat, toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, watercress, sprouts and a variety of cheeses and mustards.  Most importantly, I take a lot of time choosing my bread.  Weak bread leads to a weak sandwich.  Great bread turns a good sandwich into a great sandwich.  As you can see this is not some thrown together mishmash of a sandwich, rather it is a work of art.

You probably have questions.  Is this worth the effort?  Are you really that serious about it?  Is this really a hobby?

The answer to these questions is


It's a hobby like cooking is for some people.  As far as being worth the effort, every time someone asks me where I got the sandwich, I know that they wish they could eat it.  As far as being serious..... like all things in life, you should do it to the best of your ability.  If you do something as good as you possibly can, you will see the reward in it.


  1. certainly it can be a hobby! A few months ago, before I go to Canada I decided to make sandwiches to have lunch at the college. But the idea was doing different kinds of sandwiches every day. I found on the internet a lot of ideas to match all kinds of ingredients. I think it was funny, but just for some weeks, because it became a little boring and I quit. hehe. But it was good while it lasted!

    You know you can make healthy sandwiches... I already used tofu, carrot, pickles, cucumber, red onion (red onion I think it's really really good on a sandwich), and so one.

    much better than a pepperoni pizza, right? what the hell I'm saying...

  2. I love pizza too. The thing is, I can't make pizza (maybe I could but I have never tried) so it isn't the same as a sandwich for me. Sandwiches are something I can do. something I can put some effort into.

    ..... now I want a slice of pizza.....

    And, red onions are fantastic.

  3. man... I really miss the pepperoni pizza from Pizzaiolo (yes, the Canadian franchise). I think the Canadian food, or the North American food has too much salt or sugar, it's my conclusion about your food, could have less spice... but the pepperoni pizza was really good with a lot of salt and the spicy sausage!

    the first time I drank a coffee at Tim Horton's I found it too much sugary. And my first contact with your pizza I found it too much salty. It is just a matter of getting used to a foreign country things.

    I never tried to make pizza, I mean the pizza dough, the tomate sauce and finally, to mount the topping, but I always watch my girlfriend doing all these things, and she does very well.

    I think I'm addicted to food.