Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Completed Puzzle

Done, that is all I can say about my jigsaw puzzle adventure.  I enjoyed it, despite moments of frustration and, thanks to the heat in the room I was working, sweat.  I had great moments of accomplishment (getting all the sky or snow done) and moments of great aggravation when I couldn't locate a piece I was looking for.  Either way, it is done now.
A friend commented that it wasn't a particularly hard puzzle--he may be right, but not having done one for years, it seemed hard enough to me.
As far as accomplishments go, this one doesn't rate very high.  It was fun, but since it isn't a primary hobby I can't really jump for joy.  In addition, what am I going to do with it now?  Most likely, soon after finishing this blog, I will take it apart, put all of it (hopefully) back in the box and give it away to somebody who would appreciate doing it. I don't have room to keep it (though I do have a large bottle of puzzle glue, so I could keep it--but it isn't about trains, or Japan, so ..... not likely going to happen.)
The same friend who watered down my accomplishment said that he hates completing jigsaw puzzles, that there is in fact a kind of melancholy associated with it.  I can't really agree, but I understand where that feeling comes from.  I experience it with good books, or even watching the final episode in a TV series that I have followed.  In this case, though, I was pretty happy to slam that last piece home.  I did it without ceremony, or pause to consider how final the act would be.  I was just happy to be done.  Now I can move onto something else.

the complete puzzle
One interesting thing about this puzzle that I should note is that it is very well constructed.  I was able to pick the thing up and wave it like a flag and it did not come apart.  That is pretty incredible.


  1. beautiful image this puzzle has.
    doing it may be relaxing, even it is stressful sometimes, am I right or wrong?

    maybe you could make a frame with that (do you know frame? it's the word I found on the dictionary) and put it on your wall, because I think it is a good image/picture.

  2. Doing the puzzle was both stressful and relaxing. I will think about the frame--when I lived in Japan, you easily buy picture frames for puzzles--they came in exact sizes for the puzzles.

    I agree the picture is nice.... but well see what I will do with it.