Monday, 20 August 2012

An August Progress Report

I seem to have found myself with a little bit of spare time, so I thought a progress report was in order.

I went to the dollar store (I think this one was called Dollar Tree)  I had never been there before, but I was, pardon the cliché, in the neighbourhood.  I wonder if that applies to big box stores.  I guess what you can say is that I was in the general vicinity after shopping for some airbrush bottles at an art store.

In this new dollar store I was only really thinking about getting something to drink.  Somehow I managed to spend $7, so I guess their master plan worked.  I came out with 2 more jigsaw puzzles.  I don't really regret it because you can't really complain about paying $1.25 for a puzzle..... and yes, even though it is a dollar store, there are things that cost more than $1.

I decided to take the systematic approach first.

Step 1)  Get all the edges

Step 2 Separate into 3 piles: Sky, Buildings, and transition from building to sky

Step 3) attach all the pieces that transition from building to sky.

Step 4) fill in the building part
Step 5) scream because now I am left with only sky

I almost decided to quit the puzzle and move onto something else.  I mean, I had the picture done, all that was left was the sky.  That huge, multi-piece blue sky.  My friend who needs a hobby urged me to carry on, so today I finished it.

I also had some time to apply my first airbrush coat to one of the buildings for my train layout.  Never having worked with that paint before I have to say that I made it too thin.  The result wasn't bad though, and the slight variation should look okay on the building.  This is Design Preservation Models Hayes' Hardware (N scale).   It isn't the most complex building, but it has served as a good introduction to this type of modeling.
I will apply the next, slightly thicker coat, tomorrow.

Now you know where things with me stand.

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