Monday, 23 September 2013

Hobbies Build Relationships

I had one of those epiphanic moments at the hobby shop on the weekend.  I went in to pick up something I had ordered (a couple of roof detail kits form some of my model train buildings) and couldn't resist spending a few moments looking around the store.  Before you rise up and tell me that I fell for their trap, I should tell you that I walked out with only the kits I ordered.

While I was walking around I came upon a father and his son.  They were busy discussing the future of their model railroad--they were discussing roadbed issues and trestle choices.  What impressed me most was how communicative the two of them were.  Nobody was yelling, nobody was being bossy, nobody was claiming to have all the answers.  Basically, these two people were a great example what a hobby can do.  They were doing something together and loving it.  Though my faith in hobbies never wavered, it was certainly strengthened by that scene. 

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