Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Risks and Rewards in a TV Rotten World

I find myself really interested in the TV show Ink Master.  Before you say it, yes, I should get back to my hobbies and stop watching TV.  I have so many half finished projects that all of the internet should rise up and scold me for not sticking to the topic.  I just can't help myself.  And for a lot of people, TV is a hobby.  It just shouldn't be mine.

I watch the show, and I have so many questions.  First of all, should you be getting a tattoo with a time limit?  I understand the need to put a limit on someone for a television show/competition.  Without time pressure these people could certainly all put out some works of art.  However, would you want your tattoo artist to feel such pressure?  Despite remarkable advances in laser erasing, these things are still pretty permanent.

Next, after getting a tattoo would you really like to hear the experts tell the person who did it that it was an absolute piece of garbage?  Yeah, you might have enough self confidence to deflect that...a few times.  Imagine if every single person you know (from those you like right down to the complete idiots that you hate) has seen the show and starts echoing those comments--and remember the idiots are not going to be echoing them, they are going to be repeating them word for word.  Instead of that stupid "hot enough for ya?" question the idiot usually peppers you with, it will be "why does that spider tattoo have only seven legs?"

I am guessing that there must be some kind of consolation prize for these people.  I wonder what it is.  I wonder if it could really be enough.  Would you get the seven legged spider tattoo if your prize was a Toyota Corolla?  Maybe it's cash.  Maybe it is a pre-paid gift card for tattoo removal.  Maybe the need to be on television is so great, your skin is really a secondary concern.

I guess I could liken it to a hair cutting show.  Your hair grows back, though.  Would you sign up for a show called "Practice Surgeon"?  What about "rookie fireman"?--I have an image of them setting your house on fire, hoping they can rescue you and put out the fire.

Despite my questions, I will probably tune in tonight before going to bed.  Last week I fell asleep, so I have no idea who went home.  This isn't really an obstacle as there will be a recap at the beginning of tonight's program.

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