Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Video Games

Maybe it's a guy thing--though things are changing--but guys love video games.  Some of my readers might say that boys love video games, and these men are just boys inside.  I can't really argue with that too much.  Of course, as a hobbyist, I have been channelling the little boy inside me for a long time.  And that little boy likes his video games.

What does this really mean?  It means that I thumb through the weekly flyers for Best Buy and Future shop to see what games are out.  It means that I burrow deep into the "on sale" bin at department stores looking for gems in the rough.  It means that the sound of the arcade (mostly in movie theatre lobbies these days) calls whenever I pass.

Despite my affection for the games, I am not really a good player.  My hand eye co-ordination isn't bad, my reaction time isn't bad, but I just don't have the intangible quality that separates the dabblers from the standout players.  I can complete games, but I probably don't play them on the highest difficulty levels.  I win, but I don't win convincingly.

As a hobby, video games don't really get a lot of my time and attention.  I have a couple of portable ones when I need some distractions for the bus.  I have a less than modern system for the TV, and a couple of games.  I mostly play computer games, like Age of Empires, Sim City, and other games.  I like games that can be played in a couple of hours or less--having to spend a lot hours in front of the screen doesn't appeal to me--my eyes get buggy and the headaches begin.

The new crop of video games that require full body movement are quite interesting.  I wonder how far this technology will go in the near and slightly distant future.


  1. wow, age of empires it's very old... but gold!
    I still play age of empires 2 with my friends, it is the best game to play with friends while eating pizza and drinking beer.

    if you are looking for new games and their rating or reviews you can check the website Gamespot.

    I'm playing World of Tanks, it's an online game, very simple, just tanks against tanks on the Second World War, I think it makes me relax, hehe. Normally I play it listening to songs like "peace and love", hehe

    I never had a console, a video game, just PC, so I'm not good on video games... just on PC.

  2. I still love Age of Empires--I have both 2 and 3, and I still play both of them. I will definitely check out World of Tanks--and I will probably spend some time in front of the Xbox this weekend.

  3. we could play world of tanks together. I know a lot of Canadians who play it. It is a Russian game.