Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hobbies I would take up: The Bottom Five (part 2)

I love to eat (as my not particularly svelte figure will attest) and though I do not really like to cook, I do wish I could bake more.  Maybe it is the aroma of baked goods, or the warmth of the oven.  Either way, baking would be a pretty good hobby--and the upside would be all that delicious food.

Money isn't the obstacle to baking.  You could sink a lot of money in mixers, pans, and decorative measuring cups, but that isn't really necessary.  I have rolled out dough using a glass coke bottle, and gone without accurate measuring cups.  You can make do.  Yes, a good mixer would save your arms, but you probably need the exercise is you're going to eat everything you bake.

Time seems to be the real problem.  It takes quite a bit of time to put together good baking--though my mother can whip up quite half a dozen loaves of bread in no time flat.  After I get home from work, I just want to eat. I don't have the energy to start kneading flour and greasing bake pans.  As for the weekend..... there just aren't enough hours in the day.  There's yard work, house cleaning, and a ton of other chores.  Add to that the hobbies that I already have (see the previous 80 or so posts) and you can see that time isn't on my side.

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  1. I think that cooking it's a relaxing activity, I almost cook nothing, but I'm doing a free cooking course in a supermarket, the teachers are all chef's, it's very cool, seeing them cooking it's like watching adult movies... hehehe, because you feel connected with the food and you are always concentrated on what he's doing, and finally you can taste all the food, it's awesome!

    I'd like to cook refined dishes, like a good pasta with an awesome sauce, I love pasta, Italian food, Mediterranean food.

    luckily, my girlfriend cooks very well, and she knows to cook a loot of Italian food, hehe

    you should look in your city or in Toronto about cooking courses, it's very interesting and it could be a good hobby cooking the dishes you learn.