Friday, 18 April 2014

The Age of Superheroes


I went to see the second Captain America movie the other day, and I must admit, being a comic book nerd who has read too many comic books lately, this is a great time for Superhero movies.  The technology has caught up with our imagination, allowing for some pretty amazing scenes.  It is certainly a far cry from when I was young.

I grew up watching the campy  Adam West Batman series.  I enjoyed it then, and have a deeper appreciation for it now.  It certainly can't compare to what we've been treated to lately, but it managed to work in a low tech era.  Not forgetting of course that Julie Newmar was a fantastic Catwoman. (Anne Hathaway looks great too.)

Other attempts to bring the heroes to the big or small screen were less successful.  Those Captain America movies were pretty bad.  The Spiderman TV series was.... well, let's just say I can't watch them again.

Animation did a much better job of capturing my heroes than live action film did.  Though looking back on it, sometimes the effort just wasn't there.  I guess most network executives were trying to sell toys and sugary cereals rather than bring the best to Saturday morning television.

I have enjoyed most of the recent comic book movies.  Green Lantern didn't really work for me, but I have a special fondness for that character that is often disappointed.  I guess I just like science fiction concepts too much, and can't bear it when they just aren't treated as reverently as I would like.  There is so much potential..... but I guess that's all that it really is.

Like most "nerds" out there, I am eagerly anticipating the next Avengers movie.  It's going to be more than a year away, but at least I have the next Xmen movie to tide me over. 


  1. I'm not so much fan of Marvel superheroes, for example, but I like a good movie with a good story and I know that Marvel has good stories, hehe. Marcia likes much more than I do, she is a fan of Marvel comics.

    I like syfy movies, the last one I watched was Pacific Rim, I really enjoyed it! What a good movie! what do you think about it?


  2. I haven't seen Pacific Rim...but I watched "Everything Wrong with Pacific Rim" on YouTube. If you really liked the movie, do not watch this YouTube video.
    I love Science Fiction movies.... and I am really looking forward to Godzilla, and Xmen.