Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tools and Projects

Whenever I get a chance to use some tools, I feel pretty manly.  Call it stereotypical, call it macho bullshit, call it whatever you want.  I know how I feel.  With tools in hand I feel great.

It should come as no great shock that I am not a master craftsman.  I am not talking about designing and building great furniture from beautiful wood.  I am really talking about assembling a cheap, compressed sawdust, piece of furniture from a box.  Not so amazing, but still, if I build it, then I feel pretty good.

My latest project was a media cabinet.  It was on sale at Canadian Tire (discontinued) and therefore not expensive at all.  I decided I wanted to put my DVD's away, rather than stack them in piles on the coffee table, desk, or floor.  It seems like a noble idea--I guess I am a victim of the desire to organize, even if it rarely gets done.  My heart is in the right place.

This particular creation required only two screwdrivers and a hammer.  Usually, I don't classify it as a real project unless it takes a least five tools, and one of them has to be a power tool.  That seems reasonable doesn't it?


  1. congratulations Anthony. If I had a picture of what I and my girlfriend did, you'll be impressed with the crap we made. We made a table with the wood we bought, and we got the wood all very bad cut in a sawmill, it's unbeliavable if you see how is the wood, worst quality and worst cut ever. The table it's a crap, but at least we increased our craft skill. I shound return to make beer.

  2. Feel good that you made something for yourself. Even though this cabinet that I assembled is not good, I still feel good about it.
    Enjoy the beer...which is what I am doing right now.
    Thanks for all your support.