Saturday, 7 July 2012


I was walking through the toy store today, absently scanning the board game aisle (before my most important walk through the Lego aisle) Although it is by no means new,  I took a few minutes to check out the electronic banking Monopoly. 

I get it.  We live in the modern world with internet banking and debit cards. and these trends should be carried over to our games.  We have had computer versions of Monopoly for so long that I don't remember it not existing.  We have had millions of versions of Monopoly so what is one more.  If you don't like electronic banking Monopoly, you can still buy the classic version (at a probably cheaper price)

I guess I just wonder if we have lost something,  I just wonder if the fundamental element of Monopoly has been undermined.

I always thought that Monopoly taught children about budgeting, and handling money.  I know this thought was reinforced in a now famous episode of the Cosby Show when Theo learns that he won't have enough money to live if he doesn't graduate high school and go to college.  It was further reinforced in a classic episode of Cheers where Woody is taught about business.  He lies, cheats, and steals--Frasier remarks that he has indeed learned all about business.

Electronic banking will teach kids about electronic banking, but it won't teach them to add, or subtract.  Maybe those skills are overrated.....maybe.

Then there are the intangibles.  Holding a stack of Monopoly money while peering down at your opponent who has a meagre pile of mostly $10 and $5 bills is probably more gratifying than peering at the LCD screen to see their balance.  Handing over, or being handed over a pile of cash after someone lands on Pacific Ave (complete with a hotel) sure beats a simple electronic transfer.  Grudgingly paying your get out of jail fine because couldn't (or couldn't be bothered to) roll doubles certainly makes it clear--"don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

I guess this version will appeal to lots of people, but it just isn't my Monopoly.

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  1. Hmm, I don't think I would choose this one either.
    I have a version called "Toronto in a box". It's not "Monopoly", but it's quite similar and it has all of our famous landmarks. It's my favourite, although I haven't really played since I got it, years ago.

    Take care,