Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Procrastination, Thy Name Is Research

At last count I had more than 15 books dedicated to my train hobby.  This doesn't include magazines, which despite some recent purging is still a formidable pile.  These are books, probably culled from magazine articles or possible specially commissioned from contributors to those magazines.  I kind of feel like I've built my own reference library.

When I check my Amazon "wish list" I've got somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10 more waiting for me to get over my reluctance to part with my cash and load up my shopping cart.  If this keeps up I might have to buy another bookcase.... I could build one, but that sounds like the start of a woodworking hobby, and despite the draw of tools that almost all men feel on a genetic level, I do not have the room and I like my fingers.  When it gets right down to it, I've got a brother who is quite good at that sort of thing, and I am happy to make him feel useful.

Having a train book library sounds great.  However, having a working train sounds better.  I often find myself spending a lot of time planning and researching, pricing and searching.  A great train book library can take up a lot of time.  However, there comes a time when you have to put down the books and pick up the tools, get off the sofa and get on the workbench.

And I am going to do that ..... just after one more peak at Amazon, and a quick look in one of those books, and....

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