Monday, 30 April 2012

Mini Blog--The seed has been watered

I mentioned that the seed for Lego had been planted.  Today, sometone watered that seed. There is a plan to release Lord of the Rings Lego--sounds pretty cool to me.  I could be persuaded to go back to the Lego store and check them out.


  1. So, what about LEGOlas? The most appropriate character's name for a Lego thing. Hehe, ok not a good joke.

    I stoped buying Lego when they launched the first Star Wars legos... I have the Anakin's X-Wing Fighter which perhaps it's on my desk, and also the Anakin's race car. Then I stoped buying because Lego became too expensive in Brazil.

    I really would like to buy lots of Lego's stuff, building castles, even kingdoms, Minas Tirith, Mordor. It would be very exciting to fill my room of medieval legos.


  2. Actually, I think the joke is good--probably because I made the same one.

    Lego has become expensive, but I might not be able to resist. It would be cool to do the Lord of the Rings as animaiton using lego. Somebody will probably do it. I will have to check YouTube

  3. about an animation made by Lego I always remember the cartoon called Robot Chicken made by toys, but it's too nasty or indecent (I couldn't find the perfect word to describe it) hehe.

    But already exists Lego movies, I think it's about Star Wars, check it out.

  4. I love Robot Chicken (I can hear the theme song in my head as I am typing this). Sometimes it can be quite disgusting, but often it is so funny.

    1. I know, it's really funny, I downloaded all the first season to watch on the bus during the travel to my girlfriend's city on the weekends.

      "It's aliiiiiiive!"